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You Need to Diversify Your Child’s Summer Camp Slate

Summer represents a much-needed off season for teachers, and a return to your full-time entertainment duties. Keeping your child engaged, stimulated, and happy around the clock is a big ask. Of course you need a little help. Summer Camps are a great way to fill your child’s schedule with entertaining and enriching experiences. It also relieves some of the burden from yourself. However, if you simply ship your child off to a glorified daycare, you may be missing an opportunity. You need a diverse slate of summer camp activities to maximize this seasonal schedule change.

Diverse Activities Throughout the Summer Work Your Child’s Cognitive Muscles

A healthy mix of activities creates a better experience for your child. It can be tempting to enroll them in academic-oriented activities to get ahead going into the following school year. It’s true, educational programs can keep your child from getting rusty, but a summer that feels like more of the school year doesn’t offer a mental reprieve. Plus, continuously doing the same types of activities doesn’t allow your child to work different mental muscles.

Consider a Mix of Educational and Creative Camps

Just as it provides the chance to hone academic practices, summer also presents an opportunity to develop a new skill. Whether it’s practicing a new instrument, experimenting with different art media, or playing an organized sport, your child needs a variety of environments to make the most of their break. Furthermore, when your child receives different stimuli, they’ll be more receptive to academic material!

Ready to Diversify Your Child’s Summer Activity Slate?

The iCreate Art Camp, presented by Abrakadoodle, invites your child to build an imaginary world where they will hike, build a campfire, and learn about nature without ever leaving the art room. Campers will use different art media like painting, printing, and collage to create their own campground. The best part is, no mosquitos!

iCreate Art Camp runs from June 12 to 16 at iPlay Sugar Land. To learn more about this engaging summer camp opportunity, contact iPlay Sugar Land in Sugar Land, TX by phone at 281-313-3800, or register at