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Why Play Time Is the Best Time

Kids love to play, and that’s no accident. It’s not the anarchy that makes recess a favorite amongst school-age children, but the freedom to create and be active. (A little midday recess for adults at office jobs would go a long way!) To maintain a rigorous academic schedule, free-play time can often get left on the shelf. As kids get older, recess is sacrificed for study time. While skills like reading comprehension and critical thinking are crucial, they don’t devalue the importance of play time. In fact, children build many of those same skills in this different environment. Play time combines activity in both the left and right brain to create engaging experiences for kids. A combination of creativity and science explains why play time is the best time.

The Creativity: Children Express Themselves During Play Time

Naturally, play time offers kids the chance to create. Organized sports are a great active option, but free play is even more beneficial in terms of stimulation. When children are allowed to choose how they play, they’re making a creative choice. They interact with other kids to build social skills and collaborative thinking skills. These self expression opportunities are vital in the midst of a typical classroom day at school.

The Science: Play Time Builds Cognitive Muscles

When kids participate in play time, their brains don’t switch off, but rather, they switch gears. Being exposed to the same material or concepts in a new way or setting can unlock interests and understandings for children. Taking time in the middle of the day to switch gears allows children to re-enter a focused setting like a classroom, refreshed and ready to go. Play time and class time work harmoniously.

Looking for Ways to Help Your Child Play?

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