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Why Does Your Child Look Forward to Field Trips?

You can sense when a field trip is coming for your child. In addition to the permission slip being thrust into your face, you probably notice a general air of excitement surrounding your little one. Field trips are special events. Their rarity makes them even more meaningful to school children. But it’s not just a reprieve from schoolwork that creates such enthusiasm for these sanctioned adventures (Let’s face it, adults would probably take a field trip every day if it meant getting out of work for a few hours). Something else is going on too. So why does your child so look forward to field trips?

Children Enjoy the Vital New Experiences Field Trips Provide

A field trip is designed to take children to a place they’ve never been before. Whether it’s a nature preserve or a museum, field trip destinations provide their own sense of wonder. Young minds feed on these new experiences, so it’s important that kids are exposed to as many different ideas as possible.

While at these foreign locations, children are often engaging with new material or familiar material in a new way. A walking tour through a sustainable garden can bring the idea of local farming to life in a way that a lecture on the topic couldn’t.

New Experiences Lead to New Ways of Thinking

Adults are creatures of habit. However, children’s minds are more capable of learning new concepts and ways of thinking. Field trips provide the perfect opportunity to experience something new. When your child is encouraged to try something different, they may discover a new love for a subject in school.

Want to Set Up a Field Trip of Your Own?

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