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Why Active Lifestyles Are So Important for Children

Adult life is often hectic. A packed schedule includes taking care of kids, work, and the house. It barely leaves time for yourself. We know exercise is important for our bodily and mental health, but it can often be the first priority to drop when our schedules get too busy. An active lifestyle is just as important for children as it is for adults. No matter how packed the slate becomes, you’ve got to prioritize physical activity for your young one. As the number of sedentary entertainment options grows, it can be difficult to get your child out of the house. Here are some reasons that physical activity has to be a priority for your child.

Children Build Active Habits at a Young Age

Your child can develop lifestyle habits that last throughout their lives. This is potentially great news! By regularly including active play in your child’s schedule, you can insure they adopt healthy habits that will set them up for success. Of course, childhood obesity is a concern for all parents, and fighting this epidemic starts with a combination of nutrition and activity regimens. It should be noted, your child will experience more than just physical benefits from building an active lifestyle.

Children Need Physical Activity to Help Them Focus

Our brains are fueled by oxygen. It makes sense then that aerobic fitness would be so integral to mental functions. Studies have shown that physical exercise can help everything from cognitive function, to focus, to reaction time. These assets become invaluable in a classroom setting when children are often asked to spend extended periods of time working at a desk.

Take Charge of Creating an Active Lifestyle for Your Children

Getting your child excited about physical activity will help them feel motivated to participate. A variety of different options can make play time feel less like mandatory exercise and more like fun.

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