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What Does “Play” Mean for Your Child?

“Play” is an innocent enough word. When you hear it you think of board games or sports or pretend. Maybe “play” evokes visions of running around outside. It can be seen as a cutesie concept, a la “playtime.” Recess is generally regarded as the least important part of the school day due to its lack of academic rigor. Despite the simplicity of the images this word brings to mind, “play” is far more than just killing time for your child. “Play” is when your child’s creative and cognitive muscles kick into gear. When it comes to your child’s development, “play” means “growth.”

“Play” Means Your Child Is Changing How He or She Thinks

Why does “playtime” receive its own designation? Because it represents a shift in your child’s thinking. When they engage in playtime they’re no longer trying to adhere to specific sets of rules or ways of thinking, unless they create those things for themselves. Your child instead allows him or herself to invest in whatever they choose to play. This becomes an asset amidst an academic schedule. Breaking from the routine of lecture or reading can help children focus later in the day.

Open-Ended Play Allows Your Child to Make Creative Choices

When it comes to “play,” fewer rules are better. That’s what makes a toy like LEGOs so unique. LEGOs allow children to build according to the instructions, or to create something straight from their own brain. They can fabricate a story based around what they’re building, and use those same bricks to play in a new way the following day. Giving your child the ability to play in an open-ended setting or with open-ended toys further increases the value of this time.

Looking for Fresh, Engaging Ways for Your Child to Play?

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