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Save Yourself With These 3 Kid’s Birthday Party Planning Tips

Planning your child’s birthday party can lead to angst, procrastination and dread. Perhaps you are one of the lucky few. Maybe party planning for a dozen fickle kids is your calling. For the rest of us, we’ll take any help we can get when it comes to preparing for a birthday extravaganza. Fear not, children’s birthday parties are planned all over the world every day. There’s a wealth of experience from which to pull. This does not have to be the Herculean task it seems. You can save yourself by heeding the advice in these 3 kid’s birthday party planning tips.

1. Get the Ball Rolling Early

Having a plan is most useful in that it allows you to change course if necessary. If you have an agenda in place, then you can adjust as needed. Start the birthday party planning process early on to give yourself maximum flexibility. If you get a couple details in order each week, your party will come together before you even have time to stress.

2. Choose a Venue that Is Used to Birthday Parties

This is an oft-overlooked piece of advice. It’s simple though: venues that are used to accommodating birthday parties will be much better prepared to handle your event. In fact, many venues that regularly host birthday parties typically offer party packages to help with your setup and cleanup. This knocks an extra item off your list right away!

3. Pick an Activity that Lets Your Guests Make Choices

Kids’ preferences are varied and fickle. One moment they like this character or activity, the next it’s something different. If you can choose a party event that lets everyone make a choice about how they play, you’re less likely to end up with dissenting voices. When kids check out, they get fussy, and that’s not an extra stressor you need.

Time to Get Ahead of the Curve for This Year’s Birthday Party

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