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Kids Need to Get Moving Early in the Day

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, we all have those lethargic starts to a morning. You wake up less-than-ready to greet the day. A stretch, a yawn, perhaps even a second bout of sleep precedes any real activity. It may be a few hours before you truly feel awake. Lethargy in the morning can lead to lethargy throughout the day. You don’t want to waste your own time feeling drowsy. You want to grab ahold of your day. Physical activity early in the day can help get the blood flowing, stimulating mental activity. A shock to the system shortly after waking up can set you on a more active path throughout the day too. Kids need to get moving early in the morning to make the most of the day.

When Kids Get Moving Early, They Attack the Rest of the Day

Physical activity is a good way to expend physical energy and boost mental energy. During the summer you want your child to stay engaged in academics. To eliminate any chances of rust forming it’s a good idea to incorporate educational experiences into the summer schedule. However, too much time staying still can lead to orneriness. Physical activity early in the day can prepare your child for a focused afternoon.

Physical Activity Also Kickstarts the Metabolism

While the mental health benefits are enough to make early activity a must, you do experience some bodily benefits as well. When you start your day with a burst of physical activity, your metabolism kicks into gear right away. You’ll feel better throughout the day as your body continues to burn calories.

Looking for an Early Boost to Your Child’s Day?

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