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Field Trips Offer Escape from the Ordinary

Routines are great. Having a plan helps you move efficiently through your day. However, routines can also get boring. A shake up to the normal order of operations can offer a refreshing experience — a new perspective. For children, there is perhaps no greater shake up than the field trip. This special event earns its name because it involves leaving the confines of class and exploring the world at large. Field trips offer new insights and experiences that you simply don’t get while adhering to the routine. Field trips offer a welcome escape from the ordinary. This summer, a field trip with you and your kiddo will keep things fresh.

Look for a New Location

Simply being in a new place is a stimulating experience on its own. Different sights and sounds kick your cognitive muscles into gear and you become more alert. Taking a field trip to a new location is a surefire way to shake yourself out of the routine. Once you’ve chosen a new venue…

Try an Activity You’ve Never Tried

If you and your child typically enjoy a day at the arcade and you choose a new arcade for the day, this won’t have the same effect as choosing a brand new activity. Try something you’ve never done together to create a new memory. Especially during the summer season, you have more opportunities to expand your horizons. Take advantage!

Meet New People on Your Trip

Just like exploring a new location or activity, meeting new people is stimulating as well. Of course the day is about you and your kiddo, but discovering new friends will help make memories too. Who knows, maybe your fast friends are also trying a new activity for the first time.

Ready to Escape the Ordinary with a Summer Field Trip?

iPlay Sugar Land is the ultimate field trip destination. This indoor playland is a total escape that’s close to home. Your child will be able to run and explore a landscape of jungle gyms, obstacle courses, slides, and climbing features. You can bring your own food or snack at the iCafe to make a day of it. You’ll be glad you gave yourself a new experience this summer. To get ready for your routine-shattering field trip, contact iPlay Sugar Land in Sugar Land, TX at 281-313-3800.