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Don’t Overlook “Play” When It Comes to Your Child’s Development

It may sound like a statement straight from the mouth of Captain Obvious, but “play” is one of the most essential components to a child’s development. In an effort to stimulate children and enrich their educational experience, a focus on academics and studying often takes the forefront. Of course work ethic and good habits are vital principles to establish at an early age. However, so too is the ability to entertain one’s self. At its best, “play” invites children to make a creative choice about what they do. Play allows them to blow off steam while still working cognitive muscles. It’s a perfect mental reset in the middle of the day.

Play Helps Children Develop Social Skills

As healthy as a regular reading session is for your child, it’s just as important that they spend time interacting with their peers. When children communicate about how they want to play with one another, they exchange ideas and compromise — a skillset vital for life. You may be surprised at the mental benefits that come from something as simple as recess.

Play Can Act as a Cognitive Stimulus

When your child puts down their pencil and starts running or playing on a playground, the stark change in activity has a cognitive benefit. Their brain’s ability to think and process information changes along with the change in activity. When children are stuck doing the same type of activity for long periods of time their cognitive abilities become sedentary too.

Play Is a Physical Release

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of play comes from the physical activity itself. An active lifestyle is important to the health of your child, and it can be important to your mental health. Expending some energy in the middle of the day leads to a more focused afternoon, which you’ll both appreciate.

Looking for Ways to Facilitate “Play” for Your Child?

iPlay Sugar Land is an indoor adventureland for children. Multiple jungle gyms and slides give children a venue to express themselves and play freely. Give your child an afternoon of stimulating play. To learn more about this indoor play space in Sugar Land, TX, contact iPlay Sugar Land by phone at 281-313-3800, or email ipslmanager@iplaytx.com.