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Don’t Let Play Time Disappear from the Schedule

As a parent you want your child to be on track with their education. You’ll give them any advantage you can to ensure they’re set up for a successful adult life. Whether it’s enrolling in a tutoring program, taking summer courses, or encouraging daily studies, you’re a huge part of your child’s academic life. However, it’s imperative that you don’t forget to make time for play. While it may seem trivial, play time is actually a vital part of your child’s development. It’s not just a break, but rather a different way of learning. You should treat playtime with importance just like study time. Here’s why it’s vital you don’t let play time disappear from your little one’s schedule.

When Play Time Disappears from the Schedule, Your Child Loses the Ability to Focus

Play time provides a great reset throughout the day. If you’re too focused on academic programing that requires reading and sitting still, your young student’s productivity will start to suffer. Just like adults, kids’ attention span will wane over time. Scheduled blocks for play will allow your child to move around, shake out their jitters, and recenter for a productive afternoon. You’ll often find that your child is excited to get back to learning after a little time away.

Play Time Even Gives Kids the Chance to Build Cognitive Skills

The release your child gets from a break for play doesn’t just come from the reprieve. It comes from a shift in cognitive thinking. Play time offers the chance to flex creative muscles that most academic forums simply do not. Of course your little one needs an arsenal of knowledge and understanding about the world around them, but they also need to create worlds of their own.

Time to Incorporate Play Into Your Day

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