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Be Careful of the Heat When Planning Summer Fun

Summer brings with it its own host of special, seasonal activities. Some things are just plain better when the weather turns hot. Ice cream and days at the pool necessitate a humid, sizzling atmosphere. However, warm summer days aren’t always a recipe for fun. High temperatures bring with them their own set of risks. Heat exhaustion and dehydration won’t just ruin your day, these are potentially dangerous conditions that can have long term consequences. You want to make sure you stay safe amidst all the fun this summer, so here are some things to remember when planning around the heat.

Heat Exhaustion Comes from High Temperatures and/or High Humidity

It’s not just the temperature you have to worry about when it comes to heat-related illness. Your body produces sweat to act as a sort of air conditioning system. Sweat forms in beads on your skin and then evaporates into the air, cooling your body down. However, if the humidity is high, that means the air is already saturated with water, and your body’s sweat won’t be able to do its job. Be wary of performing strenuous activities in high temperature, high humidity conditions.

Dehydration Amplifies Heat-Related Problems

We all could probably stand to drink a little more water every day. This is especially true during the hotter months. Water is vital for every process in the human body, so staying stocked up on fluids during outdoor activities is crucial. Carrying a bottle or canteen with you can make it easier to keep enough water in your system.

Plan Fun Indoor Activities This Summer to Avoid the Heat

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