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Active Afternoons Provide a Pick Me Up for Kids

Every adult is familiar with the afternoon malaise. It hits especially hard at an office job. Maybe your desk isn’t near a window. You’ve been sitting all day in fluorescent lighting, and 2 or 3 PM rolls around. You start to yawn, and suddenly you can’t stop. Do you go for more coffee? It might keep you up late and perpetuate the cycle. Well adults aren’t the only ones who get sleepy in the afternoon. Kids need a pick me up too. Coffee isn’t an advisable solution for children. However, a well-timed nap can do the trick. Another, more dynamic solution is to incorporate physical activity. Getting the blood flowing (for children and adults alike) can help stave off the afternoon sleepies.

Physical Activity Causes the Body to Take in More Oxygen

When you exercise, your body uses additional oxygen to help your muscles function. This influx of oxygen can often stimulate the mind as well. When you yawn, your brain is simply trying to get more O2, so playing a sport or taking trip to the playground can help. Shaking out the stiffness that builds up from sitting for a long period of time can even help you notice some bad posture habits you may be developing.

Physical Activity Also Sparks a Cognitive Pick Me Up

Getting active in the afternoon is not just about the physical increase of oxygen to the body. When you and your child change gears to something physical, you’re changing the way your brain operates. A little active play time can prompt more creative thinking and help build motor skills. Not to mention the health benefits that come from a more active lifestyle.

Do You Need a Way to Stay Active in the Afternoon?

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